In the spirit of hope & resilience, what has 2020 given us the opportunity to learn, be, do…..
Life skills due to lots and lots of cooking! Who’s with me here? Suddenly, making three meals a day for the whole family, day in and day out, while everyone ‘shelters in place’ is a formidable challenge and has given us this amazing opportunity to lock in some lifelong skills. 
It also just so happens that my two teenage boys are taking Catering (basically Home Ec/Consumer Science) this semester in high school and have home assignments to complete AND we are undergoing a gluten fast for one son, that we are all wrapped into. 
Planning meals & recipes in advance in order to strategically shop and have-on-hand the required ingredients, as well as the valuable skill of being able to look into the fridge & pantry and craft a meal are all happening here and I couldn’t be happier.
I know this isn’t everyone’s thing and just getting people fed can be overwhelming sometimes. But give it a try. Loop the kids into the planning, strategize with your spouse, flip through that pile of magazines or cookbooks for inspiration and make the time. For us, the best opportunities for success & learning are with just two of us in the kitchen. Time to ask questions, space to spread out and the opportunity to lock in skills and memories for a lifetime. Here is my son making gluten free strawberry shortcake using the delicious Pamela’s Baking & Pancake Mix.  We used ramekins and it worked really well!